Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Schoolhouse Rockin'

We were in the car in moderate traffic, so I really wanted to pay attention to the road. Son was in the back seat. Son's Older Brother was in the front passenger seat.

Son: What's this?

GDad: What's what?

Son: This.

GDad: OK, pronouns aren't cutting it for me. You'll have to use a noun at some point.

Son: What's this thing?

Son's Older Brother: Heh heh.

GDad: OK, point taken. Good choice of nouns, by the way, but you'll have to be more specific.

Son: What's this thing in this box?


Akusai said...

Not quite the same, but I was reminded of this thing.

Faith said...

I really like reading your blog, there seems to be a smile, laugh, or thought provoking statement.
My son still rarely uses the "thing" word any more. What was my favorite was the "why" word. That one still seems to occur, when rules are inforced. Don't you wonder what they teach kids in English class any more.
BTW what was in the box?

GDad said...


It was a solar-powered fan that is supposed to keep your car cool in the sun. My grandmother gave it to me when we visited her the week before. Included in the box was an oddly-shaped piece of foam that is supposed to help organize coins and cell phones.

Bill said...

Is there a return policy?

On the thing in the box, not Son.