Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sing! Sing a Song!

On Tuesday night, Son's school had the 6th grade choir concert at 6:00, the 7th grade concert at 7:00, and the 8th grade concert at 8:00. Since we had to go to the 7th grade one, we had to fight crowds coming and going.

It was a HOOT! The chairs were awfully uncomfortable, and they were too close together, so all of us big fat bumpkins had to rub elbows. I think that made folks a bit more able to get into the right mood.

The Girls' Show Choir kicked off the show with a medley called "Girls Rock!" which had a lot of songs in it that I was supposed to recognize, but didn't. Then they did the "For Good" number from Wicked. It was decent enough, but GPop kept flinching when the girl who announced the number kept calling the Wicked Witch "el-PHAH-bah" instead of "EL-phə-bə."

When the boys finally joined the girls on stage, I had to laugh. Only two or three of the boys actually looked like they were moving their lips. Many of them kept putting their hands into and out of their pockets. The girls seemed to be much more enthusiastic. I think I'll send the music teacher a letter to tell her she might want to put all of the microphones over on the boys' side in future concerts so that we can tell that they're not mannequins.

They ended with the aptly-named medley "Forever Motown." I've sung in a chorus before, and I think that arrangers often forget that a medley is most effective when it consists of short selections from a few songs, not every song ever written in its entirety. One kid, who looked like either a Muppet or an anime character, kept yawning. Of course, he was in the front row.

I was grinning ear to ear the whole time. It was quite entertaining. The kids actually did a pretty good job, and the one girl who arranged the choreography was also the dancer in the play we saw last weekend. She's quite talented.


Tea N. Crumpet said...

I love these concerts, but I get claustrophobic. That sounds rockin'!

Bill said...

Boy, this post took me back!

Somewhere around here I have pictures from my 8th grade chorus concert. My mom took them from the audience with her Kodak Instamatic, and the chorus is just a blur.
What is clearly captured in the photo is the murder of a rambunctious little girl in a row in front of my mom.
Pic #1: child flailing energetically
Pic #2: adult's hands clasped tightly around child's neck
Pic #3: child slumped motionless against adult

GDad said...


If that was a Simpsons-esque scene, then it's hilarious. If it was a snuff film in still photos, then wow.

gay CME guy said...

I'm with GPop. I would find mis-pronouncing "Elphaba" to be an egregious, unforgiveable error. (Granted, you didn't indicate he was that extreme.)