Monday, May 5, 2008

Whatever It Is, I'm not Eating It Before Bed Any More

Last night, I read this post over at Kids of Queers. Then I watched the tail end (ha ha) of Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe where Mike had to stick cotton swabs up the butts of geese to test for some virus.

Of course, I had a dream last night where a doctor was prepping me for some unpleasant hindquarters-related procedure. It was extremely vivid, but it stopped a few seconds short of being graphic.


Faith said...

Ok, gdad, I'm not sure how to respond to this one. Maybe Mike Rowe really influenced your dreams. LOL He seems to have a pattern of doing these kinds of tasks you described, when you consider his other shows. But I'm not going any further My mind has a history of slipping to the gutter occasionally.LOL My kids like that show. I usually try to read a book while it's on. Some of it is just too hard to look at.

Hope your day goes better.

Bill said...

Dang! It's a shame you woke up before the interesting bits happened.
Former gastric troubles necessitated several invasive procedures like this. Usually I was knocked out for these, but one time a test was performed by my PCP in his office, and I was awake for it. After he removed about 18 inches of probe+camera I said "Congratulations, Dr. Jonak. You have gone where no man has gone before." He laughed, and his nurse got all flustered.

GDad said...

GPop had a procedure with the camera and probe thingie a while back. I sat with him in the wake-up room, which was partitioned with curtains. It was hilarious to hear a bunch of drugged-out mostly old men lying there passing gas and giggling like they were twelve.