Thursday, June 12, 2008

Car Repairs

I took my car (the Civic Hybrid) to the dealer for "B1" maintenance. This involved mostly an oil change. The tires were getting worn, too, so I had those replaced. Honda replaced some control arm part that was causing excessive wear on the tire. When I got the car back, my gas mileage was about 20% lower than it had been the day before the maintenance, and everything about the car's handling (acceleration, steering, braking) felt "squishy." Also, the charge indicator for the special hybrid battery shows that the battery is charging and discharging a lot.

I called the dealer's service department. Barry answered. When I explained the problem, he told me that he didn't personally know anything about hybrids, so....

I took the car in again, and of course, they have found nothing wrong with it. Perhaps another dealer will be my choice for maintenance in the future.

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