Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Cause Célèbre

I don't much post to ask readers to do anything except move their eyes side to side, but this strikes close to home.

TiVo has partnered with the anti-LQTBG(etc.) group, Focus on the Family, to promote a Fathers Day giveaway of TiVo products and services. I encourage readers to do any of the following as your hearts guide you. Doing so will gain you neither fame nor fortune, nor will declining to participate harm you in any way.

  • Go to the Focus on the Family web site and enter a story about a GQTB(etc.) father, or
  • If you are LQTBG(etc.), go to their site and enter a story about your father's support, or
  • Go to TiVo's site to express your concerns about this matter, or
  • Go to this petition drive to sign your name.
This is my letter to TiVo.

I've been a TiVo subscriber for a long time. I'm very disappointed that TiVo has decided to partner with the bigoted hate group, Focus on the Family, to promote a Fathers Day giveaway. There are many organizations that celebrate families and fathers in ways that do not exclude others or display animosity toward LGBTQ people and families, such as my partner and me with our son.

I've never before had any reason to question your corporate values. Please reconsider your position with respect to this organization as I consider my continued subscription to TiVo's service.

GDad Lastname

Thanks for listening.


Queers United said...

Thanks for spreading the word about this. I hope with continued pressure and media/blog attention they will reconsider or atleast never partner up with FOTF again.

hwqe said...

Signed the petition.

Ashitaka said...

Honestly I don't know anything about the group, if I did maybe this would sound like more than just an honest mistake on their part. Petition signed nonetheless, I trust your judgement.

GDad said...

I appreciate the trust.

Focus on the Family is an organization whose goals include creating or maintaining bans on any kind of recognition of gay and lesbian families. They use shoddy research and appeals to ignorance to support their views.

Don't take my word alone for it. One of my core values is to be able to support assertions. Unsupported assertions are generally withdrawn.

Check out the Southern Poverty Law Center (link)
for more information. You can also check out the ACLU site (link).

Ashitaka said...

Yeah I think people have really got to wake up and smell the roses so to speak, they try to put a stop to people being gay/lesbian/bi/etc. by limiting their ability to have a "real" (in terms of law) family. The screwy thing about that though is that you always have to answer, "Well where did all the gays/lesbians/bisexuals come from?" which would bring you back to the so-called traditional marriage and family. With divorce rates being so high, it kind of makes you think about the reasons why some people get married, and if lesbians and gays don't have as good a reason as a man and a woman, then why is the traditional marriage dying on its own. Heh, and they say gays/lesbians/bi's are to blame.
Overall, just let people do what they want to do, within reason of course.