Sunday, June 15, 2008

GDad and the No Good Rotten Day

We were packing up to go to my dad's for Fathers Day this morning when SILA1 called to tell me that my grandmother had gone to the hospital this morning with chest pains. I sent GPop and Son to my dad's, and I drove to Grandma's to pick up Mom's dogs and some stuff she needed to send back to her house. Mom visits Grandma every other weekend to mow her lawn and help around the house. My uncle visits on the off weekends.

Mom is an elementary school teacher. For the past couple of years, she's signed up to teach a summer week-long science camp for primary school age kids. Of course, the camp will be this week. She had the class materials with her, so I agreed to take those back with me along with the dogs.

Anyway, I got to Grandma's house and picked up the dogs and the class materials. I found out that Grandma had a level of certain enzymes that indicate some kind of cardiac distress, but the doctors at Small Rural Hospital want to send her to Capital City Giant Hospital for a heart catheter and such. They want to transport her in the morning and do that procedure on Monday.

I left Grandma's to head toward Mom's house, which is pretty close to Dad's house. There's a town where I'm supposed to turn right and then follow the highway for a good 50 mile stretch. There was recently a new highway opened. I got on the new highway and just trucked along. About thirty minutes later, I realized that I was heading back toward home instead of toward Dad's. I must've been distracted or upset or something to make that mistake.

I called Brother 1 as I approached Mom's house. He has a key. I dropped the dogs off and called Mom's contact to make arrangements for the science camp. I finally made it to Dad's (normally a 2 hour and change drive) around 5:00. I'd left home around 9:00.

We left Dad's around 7:15 and got home around 9:20.

I will likely need to reschedule the vacation we had planned to Philadelphia next week so we can make sure Grandma is OK. Sorry, Cranky Prof. We'll catch you later this summer, I hope.

Here's a map of my travels. The red line is where I should have cut across but didn't.


Bill said...

Good luck finding the hypotenuse next time.

I hope everything goes well with Grandma.

GDad said...

Bill, you totally scooped me on the best title for this. A squared plus B squared equals ARRRGGGGHHH!!!

Ashitaka said...

Thankfully, my family lives about 36 non-stop hours of driving away from us. Which is good for the most part but lately with the weather, I'd rather be living down in Texas than in the ohio valley stuck here in Indiana.

Angry Professor said...

Good thoughts your way...

Jen said...

Hope all goes well for Grandma.

M&M said...

Good luck with the family thing. Seems to be a lot of that going on at the moment.


Sid Schwab said...

Funny: I recently posted on my blog with the title "Arrrgggghhh." More interestingly, here is my father's day post