Saturday, June 21, 2008

Horribile Dictu

My dad called late last night. He was a bit distraught. My cousin (Dad's sister's son) died in an accident on the Colorado river. I believe he was about 30. His fiancée was to have her wedding shower in the next week or so.

I've probably seen this cousin a dozen times. The only time I've seen him in his adult life was at Brother 2's wedding last fall. What a tragedy.


CrankyProf said...

Jeez. Prayers for your family; unexpected death, with a wedding so close, is absolutely awful.

GDad said...

Thank you. As it turns out, my aunt and uncle are going to have a private memorial with just really close family.

I spoke to my dad, and he says that my cousin fell out of a raft while whitewater rafting. The party saw him make it to shore and get out of the water, but when they came back later to retrieve him, he was dead. As of yesterday, there was no more information, so I'm sure the uncertainty is just tearing his parents apart.

Angry Professor said...

So sorry. We're all thinking of you.