Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hot, Hot, Hot!

Since the start of spring, my desk has been in some kind of thermal anomaly in the space-time continuum that keeps it at least five degrees warmer than desks that are twenty feet away (or six metres, for you Canadians). The ceiling gopher has done his best to make us think he's been addressing the problem by poking his head up into the ventilation systems, but I don't think he's been successful. The kicker is that there are people about twenty feet away who have blankets at their desks, because it's too cold.

This building was completed in 2001.

I bought this item last night to stop people from asking me whether I thought it was too hot. I think I might add a handwritten note that says, "Yes, it is."


Bill said...

Trade desks with a blanket-snuggler.
Problem solved. My work is done.

Bill said...

p.s. I used to hang one of those dangly hotel door signs at the entrance to my office. I amended it so it read Do not disturb any further.
You might give that a try, too.

GDad said...

I do have a mouse cable that I dangle across the entrance with a binder clip hanging from it. From the binder clip is a note that says, "CONFERENCE CALL ENDING AT:" and the day represented in half-hour increments. I have a sticky note with an arrow that I use to point at the end time of the call.

It's worked for four years.