Monday, June 16, 2008

Liguistic Oddity

In a conference call, I heard someone pronounce the words "holding patter-en" three times.


Bill said...

A good friend of mine pronounces cabinet "cab-NET." It makes me smile every time.

Malapropisms are fun, too. I worked with a woman I dubbed Miss Malaprop (she would rival Sheridan), and here are some of hers:
credenza=gazebo (?!)

Ashitaka said...

It's like the text-to-speech Microsoft tool would have said it. ...Oh my god, they must be an android!
*ducks under desk and rocks back and forth in fetal position, fear of T:2-Judgement Day*

Jen said...

my daughter asked for a "fly swabber" last night. She wanted me to swab the fly in the kitchen. She is only 5.

One of my mother's caretakers repeatedly said "blase, blase, blase when she meant "blah, blah, blah". Sorry I don't have the little thing to go over the e

M&M said...

Maybe "Holding patter-en" is a snigglet? hmmm.....

"I am the very model of a modern major-general. I am the very model of a modern major-general. I am the very model."

Angry Professor said...

That's how the AK pronounces pattern! I love it, but I figured I'd start discouraging it soon.

This morning one of the little boys in AK's preschool announced that he was already covered in "scumscream."

Bill said...

"Scumscream." That's a keeper. I'm using some of that next time I go to the beach.

That made me remember a customer from Appalachia I had on the phone one time. She said she "woked up" and her pit bull was in bed with her that morning. He had "broke his chain and busted through the scream door" on her trailer.