Saturday, June 14, 2008

Marketing IN SPACE!

E-mail exchange follows....

Brother 1: [URL truncated]

GDad: Huh. I am now ashamed to be human.

Brother 1: They might just come and wipe us out for this.

GDad: I think the reverse is more likely. They will try to duplicate Doritos and end up killing themselves with snack food related illnesses. It's a lot cheaper than sending them syphilis.

Brother 1: They are the native Americans of the future.

GDad: You said it wrong. "of THE FUTURE!"

1 comment:

Ashitaka said...

"Some years in the future, the money that comes from this kind of commercial service could be used to fund pure research," says van Eyken.

*points up*
See, commercialism at its best! Crazy corn chip company giving money towards research, this is good for all mankind, long live Dorito's *makes mock heil Dorito's sign and coughs*