Tuesday, June 3, 2008

More "News"

I'm in that cafeteria again, and that newswoman is on the teevee. Her voice reminds me of Linda, the news anchor on Futurama.

She just yelled, "Go, band geeks!"

UPDATE: Apparently, she is on CNN.


Faith said...

LOL, apparently that's what I am spending my morning doing while reading your blog.

Have you ever noticed how they try to keep up with the "in fashion" street lingo on the news? Some how it doesn't fit together. Ok, I've erase 5 times what I was going to say. So I'll leave it here and ponder.
GO...what ever....

Ps: Can I ask what news station you normally watch?

GDad said...

When I was a kid (elementary through high school), I watched ABC news with Peter Jennings.

In and after college, I liked CNN.

I can't stand any local stations now, and the national stations also irritate me. I gather news from National Public Radio and web sites.