Friday, June 20, 2008

No Good Rotten Day, Retrospective Edition

The overview from Sunday is the highlight reel, but it doesn't include some of the more interesting details.

Years ago, I often drove from Grandma's house toward Mom's or Dad's, but it's rare that I go that way any more. The route is very rural, and the rate of change out that way is pretty low. However, trees continue to grow even if residential and commercial developments do not, so I started to second-guess myself a bit. When I got to the Y in the road that indicates that I'm almost to Upper Smallville, I knew I was going the right way. The new highway is just past Upper Smallville, and it leads to the main interstate route on I-NN at the town of Vircampus.

I saw the entrance ramp to the new highway, and I was able to get on it. One reason I missed the interchange is that I've never gone that way since it was built. Another reason is that it is a huge, complicated interchange out in the middle of nowhere, and I was marveling at its incongruity.

As I drove along the highway, I kept wondering why it looked so run-down, when just two years ago I had seen pristine pavement while driving the other direction. I also wondered why there were so many traffic lights. When I saw the sign for "Jerseytown - 10 miles," I swore a blue streak. I think the dogs in the back of the truck heard me and were frightened of the crazy man spouting profanity in the front seat.

There was a Wendy's up ahead, so I pulled in to get a sandwich to share with the dogs. When I asked the cashier how to get over to I-NN, she asked, "Do you know where Northern Lights Mall is in Capital City?"

If I drove back to Capital City, I'd have been 30 miles from home, which is the opposite direction. Fortunately, I have Google Maps (GO GOOG!) on my new phone, so just by asking her for the street address, I was able to get a decent route back to the interstate.

What a day!


Tea N. Crumpet said...

Driving on that side of the country is frightening. (You are on the East Coast?) My family went to Rhode Island years ago and we went through three states going from one side to the other for my brother's hockey game.

Bill said...

This horrific event obviously still haunts you. It is also apparent that trees and roads are to blame for this mare's-nest, and no one should call you a bonehead.

Next time just have Mom, Dad, and Grandma over to your house, or hold a conference call.

GDad said...

Tea, we're in the midwest, but on the eastern end of it.

Bill, FINALLY someone gets the title of this blog.