Tuesday, June 3, 2008

No Statistical Measurement Error

Son's school has a zero tolerance "no-touch" policy in the halls. There are signs posted that proclaim, "NO EXCEPTIONS!" (with the exclamation point and all caps). Somehow, I doubt that there are truly no exceptions. Shaking hands would be forbidden. So would abdominal thrusts, first aid, defense of self or others, and assisting someone with a temporary or permanent disability.


Ashitaka said...

So, clapping isn't exactly a sound of excitement and joy there so much as it is the sound of a glutton for punishment... I wonder what they do to those poor clapping fools, hopefully they've outlawed pep rallies else they're all doomed to a clapper's fate.

Faith said...

Are you a black and white person or one that has very little gray areas. I did, however, like your thoughts. They always make me think. LOL.

Bill said...

I'll bet they mean exactly what they say, but perhaps they allow Reiki if a medical emergency arises.

GDad said...

Bill - Reiki? ROTFLMAO!

Faith - I think I have black, white, and grey stripes. Ask my friend Mike about my insistence on driving in the lanes in empty parking lots. It irritated the heck out of him.

Ashitaka - I'm imagining a bunch of kids hovering through the halls.