Friday, June 13, 2008

Not Much of a Metaphor

We've been watching Stargate SG-1 on DVD. We're now on Season 4. It's pretty decent teevee science fiction.

Last night's episode had Our Heroes making contact with a world that had some advanced technology. The offworlders were willing to trade their tech in exchange for heavy water that they could use to fuel their fusion reactors. The reactor powered their defense shields, which was important, since they were at war with The Enemy.

We thought that there was going to be some moral lesson about racism built into this episode. The Enemy was going to turn out to be some other species who turned out to be the defenders in the war, and the advanced offworlders would be the aggressors intent on wiping out the other species. All we would have to do is pull back one layer. Voilà! A moral lesson about racism!

Well, yes, the advanced outworlders were the aggressors, but The Enemy was not an alien species. They were the same people, just not as genetically "pure." So while it was a moral lesson, it wasn't even couched in metaphor like Star Trek does on a regular basis. That being said, I still like the show.

Mmmm... predigested.


Ashitaka said...

I remember that episode, very good show by the way, SG-1, hated it when they started losing/rearranging cast members, I loved the original team. Anyways, I would've loved to have one of those machines they had Jack use, sit down in a virtual cockpit and control a squadron of fighters...coool.

M&M said...

I LOVE SG1 (surprised?)! My favorite episode is one in which Jack gets turned into a 12 year old (I don't remember how/why), but he still has all the military skills learned over the years. Watching a 12 year old lecturing a room full of pilots is hysterical. And the child actor's impersonation of the adult Jack is uncanny! Son will really enjoy that episode, I'm sure.