Sunday, June 1, 2008

Out-dumbing the Competition

We were preparing for dinner the other day, and I was directing Son to help me set the table.

GDad: Son, can you get out some forks?

Son: But we're having chili.

GDad: I know that, but we need forks for the salad.

Son: I see chili on the stove.

GDad: See, I've already acknowledged that. Let's move on to the salad. Please get the forks.

Son: I have to pee! [runs out of kitchen]


GirlyWarrior said...

Classic! I'm sure I pulled similar stunts as a young'un.

Sounds like you've got quite a character there! That's awesome.

Bill said...

Trumped by a bladder.

Jenn said...

My family lovingly remembers Aunt Gladys in times like these. I believe she was my Great Great Aunt, and apparently after every meal she would disappear into the bathroom until dishes were done. Thus, anyone who shirks dinner responsibility for a call of nature is called Aunt Gladys for at least a week.

Ashitaka said...

I do this all too often... I get up either to get a drink or go to the restroom or something and I'm sabotaged... asked to get something out of the garage freezer, so I go do that, then they ask me to (prep/cook/go buy missing ingredient) whatever I'm holding which inevitably happens, and then I go pee >_<

Sometimes I'll avoid leaving my room unless I have to use the restroom or get a drink because I'm almost always asked to do something which turns into a laundry list of items lasting up to 2 hours... This is NOT a good thing when instancing in WoW O.o

Jen said...

As a mom I have been holding my pee for at least 15 years. I haven't been able to go in private for those same 15 years. Even when the kids aren't around the dogs walk in. There are so many things I am looking forward to when I become (hopefully) an empty nester.

My son also disappears when its time to clear the dishes. His dad did it too so maybe it is a bladder or worse issue. It doesn't save him since the other child hasn't come close to finishing her meal. We can wait him out...

Faith said...

The old bladder trick. What will they think of in the future when it's only a click of a button to set the table? I wait for mine to come back, or I hear the PSP start and go track 'im down. They've gotten so frustraed they SOMETIMES return on their own to "get it done".