Thursday, July 3, 2008

Amazingly, There Are No Injuries

Here is a video of a current project we're doing. Rusty is helping us tear down a shed so we can rebuild it - better, faster, stronger. Unfortunately, this video just shows some building demolition without the America's Funniest Videos tree-falls-on-house part that would win us some money. Money we could use to rebuild the shed.


Bill said...

The shed looked structurally sound and perfectly fine to me. I can't imagine why you would want to destroy it. You should have just installed a set of French Doors in the section you had torn out.

Or, if you were adamant about eliminating it, why not use a book of matches? If it's as dry there as it is here, I'm sure it would have gone up in a flash. Your son will never know the joys of arson if you don't start now.

GDad said...

Videos at 120x100 resolution (or whatever) are remarkably ill-suited to relaying the real state of decay we see in this shed.

That day was reasonably dry, but the next week and a half put much of our yard underwater.