Sunday, July 20, 2008

Just a Little, in the Back of the Throat

A friend was looking for another way to say the phrase "learning curve."

I suggested "ramp-up time." Then I thought about the worst possible way to say that in business speak. How about "incentivized on-the-job training cycle?" It made me retch a little.


gay CME guy said...

Only a little?! :)

GDad said...

I'm on Nexium. It helps.

M&M said...

I've always thought "Stupid Curve" was more apt than "Learning Curve". Not very POLITE, but apt.

CrankyProf said...

Soon, your assimilation tot he Dark Side will be complete.

You should have a hub of understanding about it.

GDad said...

"Hub of Understanding"

Once again, CP, I abase myself before your awesomeness.

Mel Keegan said...

How's about we put it in academia ivory-tower speak, "a pre-participatory, analytical, acquired-information, assimilative, hyperbolic process."

GDad said...


You, too, have the power of awesomeness. Can you put in a couple more words to give us the end result of this process?

"...hyperbolic process to introduce and adhere learning experiences..."

Or something.

Mel Keegan said...


Sounds like we all spent waaaaay too much time in kolledge :)