Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Please Help Me Stop

Another one....

Oh, I've run out of feed
For my horse, so I need
Th' oats and more hay!

[Ducks and runs out of room]


gay CME guy said...

Do these come to you out of the blue or do you intentionally work to come up with them? Either way, I'd love to know how your mind operates. Thanks for the chuckle.

GDad said...

When I think of my creative process, I think of a visualization of a scratch-off lottery ticket. I intend to do something creatively, like write a poem or create a small Perl script or whatever, but I don't know what it's going to look like or do. As I start to explore, I don't go through complete drafts like you would with blueprints for a house or whatever. Instead, I create small bits of the final form.

So, metaphorically, the decision to create is sort of like purchasing a lottery ticket, and the creation process is like scratching off the silver coating. The final form is revealed underneath without much work.

Unfortunately, this is a bit of a roadblock for some of my aspirations to be a writer, because I find it difficult to put together an outline for plots and such. I just don't like to plan that sort of thing.

GPop and I took several years to come to terms with our different styles for working and playing together. For instance, he likes to pack his vacation days with hourly agendas and such. I like to put one big thing on each day and then just play little interludes around the rest of the day to see what happens. For example, when we were in NYC a couple of years ago, we chose Avenue Q on Tuesday, Spamalot on Wednesday, and Central Park/Empire State Building on Thursday. The rest of the activities were just sort of picked as we liked. GPop ended up picking something each morning to counterpoint the main event, and I made suggestions as the day went on.

GDad said...

And, sometimes, I just get slapped upside the head with a flash of insight. Unfortunately, it usually happens in a place where I can't pause to write it down.

gay CME guy said...

HOw did you like Avenue Q? I haven't seen it, but have the cast recording. I was in NYC with a friend the summer when it was still off, off broadway. I'd read good things about it and tried to get my friend to go see it. But he didn't want to. We saw Forbidden Broadway instead, which was fun as well. I just wish I'd seen Ave Q 'before it hit the big time".

GDad said...

I liked it. Some of the bits required an extra helping of suspension of disbelief, and the "Q" part led me to believe up front that the whole thing was GTBLQ(etc.), so I was surprised to find that it was broadly adult. However, the whole show was quite entertaining, and the pretty blonde fellow was quite easy on the eyes.