Monday, July 28, 2008

Sheep Warp

Many years ago, I had trouble falling asleep one night. I decided to try the old cliché of counting imaginary sheep that were jumping over a fence in my mind. I had seen that on so many cartoons and teevee shows that it just seemed guaranteed to work.

I set up the little hill in my mind. A little fence appeared. So far, so good. The first little lamb scampered up the hill, jumped over the fence, and hopped out of frame. The second little lamb was even cuter. It jumped over the fence, and like the first one, hopped out of frame.

The third sheep approached the fence, jumped up, and zoomed off into the sky. What?

The fourth sheep behaved like the first one. So did the fifth. The sixth one zoomed off into space. I started to get concerned by this, so I decided to find out what happened to the sheep that zoomed off into the sky.

The camera view in my mind followed the sheep up into the sky. As it turns out, the sheep were flying through the air, legs splayed, wearing WWI aviator helmets and goggles. This amused me, so I started to laugh. That made it difficult to fall asleep. Mission unaccomplished.

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