Thursday, August 14, 2008

GDad and the No Good Rotten Day, DVD Extras

On the day of my grandmother's operation (She's all better now. Thanks for the kind words when it happened.), a few things happened that are worthy of mention. I had a long post planned, but the highlights are...

  • When the blood taking guy came in, I asked my aunt, who is a former nurse, if the right term for that practice was phlebotomy. When she confirmed it, I said, "Thank goodness that it's not the discredited 'science' of phlebology." Much laughter.
  • Out in the hallway, I saw the list of Doctors of the Month. One of the recent award winners was the unfortunately named Dr. Kwak.
  • About an hour before Grandma went in for the operation, Brother 3 called. He told me that he thought he had broken his ankle and that he might have tetanus. Since the whole family was already at the hospital, I went to bring him to the ER. He had a sprained ankle and no tetanus.
  • At least a dozen people came in to gather information from, extract fluids from, or give things to Grandma. Based on my ER experience with Son when we thought he had appendicitis, this is standard procedure.

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