Sunday, August 3, 2008

Reader Response Request

How much of "Bob is an ass," is mitigated by "Bob is only 6 years old?"

At what value of N does "Bob is only N years old," stop being a legitimate excuse for poor behavior?


Shay said...

The Catholic church feels that 6 is the age at which most are capable of knowing right from wrong, so that's the age at which a Catholic child can receive their first Communion and Confession.

So Bob has no excuse. Bob's parents have even less.

Angry Professor said...


Bill said...

Not that it matters, but was Bob's behavior:
a) lacking decorum?
b) downright rude?
c) criminal?

Also, is Bob a human or a dog? If Bob is a dog, he's on a one-way trip to the vet's office.

GDad said...


A and B. He is human.

Upon approaching the entrance to the state fair, he says to two of the adults present in his snottiest voice, "You can't boss me around today."

My reply: "First, I'm not taking any lip from you, and second, you WILL do whatever any of the adults tell you to do. Do you understand?"

His response was a sullen shoulder shrug and a muttered, "Yes."

Ashitaka said...

Well, usually I don't condone capital comment.

gay CME guy said...

Geeze, Bill, I hope you don't have children or pets if that's your rash reaction without knowledge of any details (or even with knowlege of details).

GDad said...

I think Bill's trip to the vet's was for Bob Barker-izing the pet, not Jack Kevorkian-ing it.

CrankyProf said...

N=7, as far as I am concerned. At 7, you can mind your manners and keep your mouth shut, speak politely when spoken to, and remember your P's and TU's.

(And Shay -- they have to be seven for Reconciliation and Communion, here in Philly. If they go to Catholic or Ordinary school, second grade is when they do all of that. If they go to public school and CCD, it's third grade.)

pixnlil said...

I suppose that my opinion is that it is not appropriate at any age. If Bob's parents feel that Bob is ready to make an appearance in public for outings, it is their responsibility to ensure that Bob is not being an ass. Therefore, there is no legitimate excuse for Bob's assery.

Shay said...

CrankyProf--I have been out of the Catholic loop for years (married a Methodist, oi vei). Thank you for the update.