Saturday, August 23, 2008

Regionalism or Misspelling

This was at the state fair. Most of the web seems to call this dish Crab Rangoon, but there are a couple of references to Crab Ragoon (which the spel cheker in Firefox doesn't seem to like). So, dear readers, what have you heard it called?

p.s. Notice the Deep Fried Ravioli. Mmmmm.... fried things.


Anonymous said...

I've always heard it called "rangoon."

I want some deep-fried ravioli, damn it!

pixnlil said...

I've also only heard it called rangoon. And I now want fried pickles.

GirlyWarrior said...

maybe they were just spelling it phonetically for all of the uneducated masses?

GDad said...


Since there seems to be enough evidence of common usage as "ragoon," (at least on Google) I'm hesitant to get out my red pen or call Typo Hunt Across America.