Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Revenant

It's baaaa-aack!

Poking Larry in the eye,
Hitting Curly with a pie,
That's the Moe way!


Angry Professor said...

We need to talk.

M&M said...

The piano struck G,
Then it went right to B.
We need MORE A!

GDad said...


Excellent work.

M&M said...

Hey is that a fish?
'cause it looks like a dish..
That's a moray!

(You should have a month long contest to see who can come up with the WORST!)

Jen said...

I liked this one! Which is not to say I didn't like the others I just didn't have to strain to get it.

Guinea Pig said...

hehehehe love it! Keep em coming.

You need a widget on your sidebar to link up all of these. I'd put the link to it on my blog to torturize my readers!

GDad said...


I'm glad you liked it.