Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Here is a quartet of haikus I wrote about today's all-I.T. associate meeting.

All-I.T. meeting.
VPs yammer on and on.
Lots of Powerpoint.

Upper right corner...
Origin at lower left.
They love those quadrants!

A cone diagram:
Broad view narrows to action.
Now I want ice cream.

Debonair, witty,
Confident, relaxed, and suave?
Not the I.T. guys!


IT_Commando said...

Could you please keep any haikus on IT shorter. Maybe do more with less by keeping the vowels out the haikus. Also, you could outsource your blog. This would save the energy cost of using your own computer.

GDad said...


Perhaps you would like to be invited to the next Steering Committee meeting for the Vowel Reduction Project, or VRP. Please advise.

pixnlil said...

Don't forget chocolate bars with little PowerPoint "strategy" depictions on them. Tainted, tainted chocolate bars. They turn to poison in my mouth! Oh god - the chocolate! It's in the chocolate! *sob*