Wednesday, October 22, 2008


My new year's resolution was to post at least one post per day during 2008. So far, I've succeeded.


Bill said...

Thanks! My life has improved overall approximately 81% because of your resolution.
I need to go clean my eyeglasses now, and that may bump it up to 82 or 83 percent.

GDad said...


Windex works just fine, but it smells funny for a few minutes.

Preston said...

No way could I post everyday. But I do manage at least one every other day and sometimes several days in a row. Have you thought about making up a bunch of posts in advance so if you are not in the posting mood, you can simply go to your archives, pick one out, and voila, you've got a post?

GDad said...

Sometimes, I load up posts several days in advance and set them to trickle out.

Usually, my posts are written the night before and set to post in the morning.