Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Business Casual

GPop and I went into a store to buy some wrapping paper for birthday gifts. The young woman at the register was wearing pants that were so tight, I could tell she had a nickel and a quarter in her pocket. I wonder if that retail chain has a dress code and if so, whether she was abiding by it.


Anonymous said...

Was this le Emporium de CamelToe?

Anonymous said...

and if it's the dress code for young women, shouldn't it also be the dress code for young men?

GDad said...

CLP, it was one of the myriad Dollar X stores, where X is some word like "Tree" or "General". One time, in that store, I couldn't tell if the stench was the employee or the customer in front of me.

GD, I like the way you think.