Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Fest

We went to the Renaissance Festival today. It was a pretty decent time, although it was awfully chilly until about 3:00.


Bill said...

(good heavens...did I say that out loud?)
How do those things work? Do you have to leave cellphones and antibiotics at the gate? Wear clothes without zippers? What kind of food do they serve?

I went to the Festival of India today. The food was good, but overpriced. I couldn't find a silkscreened Shiva t-shirt anywhere. One of the live performers did a club dance routine to Indian disco. He was definitely at the wrong club.

GDad said...

All of the employees and vendors dress in some kind of period costume. It's not without anachronisms, but to the layperson, it looks good.

The festival is 30 acres of shopping and entertainment, and there are thousands of people there each day of the festival. Many people do come in some kind of costume, but mostly, you see the same people you'd see at your regional amusement park, but with a skew toward unkempt facial hair and glasses with tape.

Preston said...

The Ren Faire is awesome! I actually went a few years ago in a kilt and had the time of my life. Haven't been back for a while cause it's a pretty long haul from where I live.