Monday, October 27, 2008


A juror from the Ted Stevens trial has been replaced, and the jury will begin deliberations all over again today. Even if we assume that he is found guilty, I would predict that he will be a guest of honor at Pardon-fest 2008.

Quack! [limp] Quack! [limp] Quack! [limp]


Bill said...

I've heard snippets on NPR about this trial, and I'm curious about the juror. I assume it's the same one that was driving all the other jurors to drink, drugs, and unspeakably lewd acts. She must be a delight to know.

p.s. word verification is sesess

GDad said...

As in sesess-ion (as in Todd Palin)?

Run throo spell cheker for corekt speling of secession.

M&M said...

The juror who was recused had a death in the family; not sure if s/he also drove others crazy.

I think Bush will be pardonning so many people from his own party that they'll be able to close at least one federal prison.