Thursday, October 9, 2008

You're Stalling

Both Angry Professor and Cranky Lit Prof have posted bathroom poo posts in the past few days. I feel pressure to post something along the same lines.

Yesterday, I was in the gentlemen's room, and I entered a stall. The seat was clean, which was a pleasant surprise, but there was a big glob of gooey liquid on the floor next to the toilet. I can think of only a couple of fluids that can get out of the body without surgery, and it wasn't one of the ones that traditionally issues forth in a corporate restroom. And it wasn't THAT one, either.

Come on, people! Do we have to put out spittoons? This is absurd. I will not toss out the word "unsanitary," because I have observed that people throw that word around almost as wantonly as they throw around the word "terrorist." However, it is pretty disgusting.


crankylitprof said...

Well, more room out than in, and all that. I mean, he was already expectorating further south...

Multitasking can take many forms!

alexandralynch said...

I have cleaned public bathrooms as my job in the past.

Women are much, much messier than men. I'll leave it at that.

Anonymous said...

In College, we had a pooper. Somehow during the night, someone would perfectly leave a half circle form of matter that was perfectly placed around the seat. This person must have been extremely agile and had lots of control.

Campus police would leave posts in the newspaper about it