Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Gathering

We went to the demonstration. With us were Geekina and Baldo McNerdy and Mandy and Mr. Mandy (who is welcome to suggest another nom de blog).

A couple of news crews showed up. One of the crews interviewed a lesbian couple who had gotten married in one of the states that does allow or has allowed same-sex marriage. The other news crew looked a bit crestfallen, since they had come late to the party, so I tapped the On the Spot Reporter Woman on the shoulder. "Ma'am, if you're looking to interview a family with an extremely photogenic teenager, my partner and son are right over there."

She asked me a couple of questions, then came over with her camera guy. They interviewed us for about four minutes. I don't think any of us said anything that could be sound-bitten down to something stupid (even for our local FOX affiliate), but we'll see. If it looks nice, I may go ahead and upload it, which will reveal my secret identity.

Now we're all going to play board games (or video games) and have home-made pizza and some vegetarian soup that Mandy will be making. If she allows me to, I'll post the recipe. We might also sit around the fireplace and sing Christmas carols or whatnot.

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Bill said...

That's exciting!
And it sounds like you'll still have about fourteen minutes or more of fame left after the broadcast.