Sunday, November 16, 2008

Language Experiement

Feedburner tells me that people keep hitting my blog when they search for "three eyed kitten" or "one eyed man", among other things. I'm going to try an experiment where I translate these terms into some other languages to see if I get multilingual hits on these terms.

three eyed kitten
tres ojos gatito
drei Augen Kätzchen
trois yeux chaton

तीन बिल्ली का बच्चा आँख

One eyed man
hombre con un ojo
Mann mit einem Auge
homme avec un oeil
एक आँख के साथ आदमी

guy haircut
corte de pelo hombre
Mann Haarschnitt
coupe de cheveux homme
आदमी बाल कटवाने


Jen said...

I'm impressed with your command of so many languages. Rosetta Stone ;)

My word verification is Zedlera which would be a great gamer tag or name for a cat.

Shay said...

Shouldn't that be "dreiaugiges Katzchen?"

GDad said...


Probably. It's been a long time since my consistent B- in high school German. Google translation is pretty word-for-word.