Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Non Sequitir Lad!

On Sunday, we were at Waffle House with Son's Older Brother. Son ordered grits, and he asked how to eat them. After the obligatory "put them in your mouth, chew as needed, swallow" remark, we advised him of a couple of ways, depending on whether you wanted sweet or salty. Then GPop said, "Kiss my grits."

That led to a five-minute discussion of Alice, Flo, and Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore. Near the end of the discussion, Son looked at me and interjected, "Are you 37?"

I replied, "I'm 38. GPop is 37. Are you wondering how old we had to be to remember teevee shows from that era?"

Son drew back for a second. "You were talking about teevee?"


Preston said...

What a nice blog you have here. I found you through Green Dads. Do you remember the movie from which the TV show originated? My favorite Flo saying was "When pigs Fly!"

Bill said...

Well, for heaven's sake, didn't Son's Older Brother have anything to say?

GDad said...

Preston, welcome! I was too young to have seen the movie in theaters, and I've never seen it on video, but I think I may make a new years resolution to see at least one classic movie every month in 2009.

Bill, Son's Older Brother is often a silent observer. The reason it was important to mention him is that without that mention, Son either looks a bit duplicitous, in that he would have seemed to have been paying attention, or GPop and I look so self-centered that we didn't realize our son was so far in outer space that we just kept talking at him for several minutes without any sort of response. It's all part of my Evil Plan(TM).

Bill said...

See, that's what I was thinking.