Friday, December 5, 2008

Another One?

We went to an adoption celebration last night. There are a couple of organizations that put together a big party each summer and winter to bring together prospective adoptive parents and available children. We were able to meet and observe some children and speak to some social workers and foster parents about our family and whether some of these kids might be a good fir.

Son is very excited. He really wants a sibling in the home. I know he still wishes that Son's Older Brother had chosen to be adopted into our family, but our current visit schedule does keep the boys in touch.

Anyway, more updates as events unfold.


Bill said...

Well, that's exciting! I didn't know you were thinking of having another baby. I wanted a sibling in the worst way when I was a kid.

I hope you find "a good fir" as things progress.

Steven at Green Dads said...

Good Luck to you.

gay CME guy said...

Wow! Cool! I look forward to the updates and progression.

Jen said...


GDad said...

Thanks to everyone for their kind comments. I think I will leave "a good fir" in there rather than fixing it. It answers the question, "If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?"