Friday, December 19, 2008

Foto Phriday - Cafeteria Chaos

The floor in the kitchen part of the cafeteria in our building has those little nubs that are supposed to provide traction when the floor gets wet. Generally, they're unobtrusive, unless one is in bare feet, which would be pretty disgusting, all things considered.

The "back room" in the cafeteria is actually two separate rooms, for reasons unknown. Because of the mechanics of this setup, things need to go from room A to room B pretty regularly. Of course, the mechanism the cafeteria workers use to transport these items is a rickety metal cart with hard casters. Usually, they pile metal and glass on top so they can make the loudest noise possible when pushing this cart across the room.

There is an older gentleman whose job appears to be the stocker for the refrigerated items. He seems to have experimented with the cart so that he found exactly the right velocity to produce the loudest shaking possible. One day, I was getting my morning beverage with Mandy, and he pushed past us with the cart just as I was getting to the punchline of that day's amusing story. The noise was so loud that I stopped and waited. Mandy giggled. When he entered the door to room B, I took a breath to continue, and another worker emerged from room B with a cart that was even more rickety and louder than the first one. Mandy started laughing.

After I finished my story, we went to pay. As the cashier was opening her mouth to tell me the price, the cart passed by again. The cashier rolled her eyes and said, "I swear he does that on purpose."

UPDATE (8:30 AM) - Mandy and I were just in the cafeteria. One of the customers almost knocked something down, but the cashier rescued it. It still made a loud noise. Mandy and I were chuckling with the cashier when the lady said, "Everything in this cafeteria is so loud, like when they push those carts..." I'm glad I wasn't drinking milk, or there would have been snortage.


Bill said...

Making all that racket may be the most satisfying part of that man's job. You should encourage him to make choo-choo noises.
Offer to be the caboose.

M&M said...

I have worked in this building off and on for 8 years and have never carried on an entire conversation without being interrupted by the "thundering herd."

Anonymous said...

I have heard that the workers sometimes shave the wheels into a square shape.

GDad said...

Anon, that's pretty funny. I imagine that since there is a kitchen with knives and such, the carving would be easy.