Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Four Word Movie Review - The Day the Earth Stood Still

Neo saves world again.


Mulled Vine said...

I'm seeing this tomorrow with some of the lads, but I here its crap. Keeanu can only do one acting style and that's enough.

Mulled Vine said...

Darn, spelled "hear" incorrectly! It was your post about that teacher that got my fingures tweeching.

GDad said...

Darn fingures. :-)

Thanks for stopping by. I think Mr. Reeves' next movie role should be Pinocchio, but only before he becomes a real boy.

Bill said...

I get it.

w o o d e n

I'm quick like that.

Jen said...

So did it suck? I really wanted to see this movie.

GDad said...

Jen, the movie did not suck. Be sure to see it at a matinee, though. We saw it on the local Really Big Screen (sort-of-IMAX).

Bill, I knew you were quick on the draw.