Saturday, December 20, 2008

G Might Stand for Geek

GDad to the rescue!

I had a Popular Science in the throne room, and there was an article about using an old wireless router with DD-WRT to make a client wireless doohickey (technical term = thingamabob) that allows Son to connect his XBox 360 to the Intarweb without dragging a network cable across the doorway to the teevee room.

"Hmmm..." I thought. "I have this old router, and it already has DD-WRT on it, so this ought to take, um... about 5 minutes."

Maybe 10 minutes later, I realized that it was ever so slightly more difficult that that, but five minutes after THAT, we have connectivity. Go, GDad!


Anonymous said...

Don't you feel like you ought to be awarded a cape after parental feats like that?


GDad said...

The boy actually does still bestow me with hugs, even as he quickly approaches 14 years old. I'm getting great rewards.

Bill said...

Did you & GPop install an extra-tall throne in your bathroom, or are you in there with your knees up by your ears?
Or do you lean against the sink while you read magazines?
I had no idea they still made Popular Science. That magazine reminds me, tangentially, of an episode on Monk about a geek-turned-porn-king.