Sunday, December 28, 2008

Need New Glasses or Something

I was glancing through my work e-mail to catch up before Monday, and I saw an e-mail from our legal group telling us that the "Worker Retiree and Employee Recovery Act of 2008" was signed into law. Maybe I'm precaffienated or something, but at first glance, I saw "Wookiee Employment Recovery Act of 2008."

blink. blink.



crankylitprof said...

Hey, wookiees need all thehelp they can get -- do you know the cost of good depilatory creams?

GDad said...

No, but when I went in to get my cardiac stress test, the technician who was prepping me asked me to raise my shirt to attach the little sticky things for the sensors. When I raised my shirt, she looked at my Sasquatch-like torso and said, "Oh dear."

Then she picked up a razor and dry-shaved several little spots on my chest.

hwqe said...

Was it written in Shyriiwook?

GDad said...