Monday, December 22, 2008

Return Fire!

Today is the last day that I can reasonably be expected to get a Christmas card in the mail and have it get to the recipient before Christmas. We sent out our Christmas cards last week, but if we get any today from people to whom we didn't send on our first round, I'll have to make a quick run to the main post office in Capital City to get the retaliatory card in the evening collection there.


Bill said...

Don't fret. I didn't send you guys a card this year.
But that does not diminish my heartiest wishes that you & your family enjoy a fantabulous Christmas.

(WV is masher...a man who makes advances, esp. to women he does not know, with a view to physical intimacy)

GDad said...

Our state's discriminatory importuning laws went away some time ago, but I imagine the behavior is pretty creepy even when legal.

Jen said...

I wouldn't worry about it either but then I know you sent me one. Though I haven't received it yet which only means my regular mailman (postal carrier) is on vacation and my mail is being held at the post office because the sub can't figure out that my mailbox is inside the porch. I'm having a Charlie Brown Christmas.

GDad said...

Did you get a rock?

gay CME guy said...

GDad, Since I spent the first two (+) weeks of December sick, I am not getting cards out, didn't shop, and have done about half to two-thirds of the baking I usually (try to) do.

My best wishes to You, G-Pop, and Son for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.