Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Sticker Shock

We took Son to the orthodontist last night for an evaluation of his teeth and a discussion of options for braces. The "sales" lady, named Debi, reminded me of one of the Nora Dunn/Mo Gaffney characters in Drop Dead Gorgeous. Her percussive "HA!" laugh had to be in triple digit decibels.

Son also talked about wanting a dirt bike. After a discussion on good teeth for life vs. recreation for a summer, he backed off a little on that line of inquiry. We may still be open to a used one or something, but the teeth are expensive.


Jen said...

They are expensive but they are so worth it. He will thank you years from now.

Bill said...

Have you considered Dr. Bukk? Son might be able to have new teef and a dirt bike. I have a couple of pairs of Dr. Bukks, and am well pleased.

GDad said...

I suspect he will feel like Dr. Bukk for about a year, until the "devices" start to produce results.