Sunday, December 7, 2008


GPop and I have to attend a certain number of hours of training each year to keep our foster/adoption certification current. This doesn't affect Son's status with us, but it allows us to adopt another child if we want.

We went to a class called "Building Assets: A Positive Approach to Helping Kids Succeed" yesterday. The class was based on information and research from this organization. Unfortunately, the class was only three hours. The first hour and a half was a persuasive lecture to convince us that children in foster care or in an adoptive placement had suffered a traumatic loss. Duh. The second half was a quick overview and small group activity to come up with ways to help children succeed, like "do activities with them," or "listen to them when they want to talk."

I'm a bit torn by this. The incredibly basic level of the class is almost an insult to me and parents I know, but at the same time, some of the parents in the class appeared to be experiencing some kind of epiphany.

The instructor was a counselor of some kind with a Ph.D. D. Min. He mentioned an intriguing fact that now, more than any other time in history, children are placed with grandparents in kinship fostering or adoption, because the birth parents are unable to care for the children. I asked him if we are seeing the trend continue such that if generation 1 is taking care of generation 3, does generation 2 take care of generation 4, or is generation 2 essentially lost as parents, with generation 3 parenting as generation 2 should have. He got a little flustered and told me that he didn't think we knew anything about that. I stopped asking interesting questions.

Also, during the group session, I took The Marker at the Whiteboard. All those years of facilitating meetings really paid off.


Queers United said...

I never even knew there was a certificate and it needed to be renewed. I am still young, but when its my turn to adopt, I guess I will learn all about the process (hoping it will be easier by then).

GDad said...

I don't know where you're located, but as long as it's not Florida or Arkansas, I would recommend looking into taking the classes and getting certified through your local public agency as soon as you have the opportunity. Nobody will force you to take a child until you're ready, but having the certification now saves you at least three or four months later.

gay CME guy said...

One of my biggest professional gripes is that minsters are TOO often viewed as treated as qualified psychologists, when they have one semester of 'pastoral counselling' in semminary. This somehow is commensurate with graduate degrees in psychology, yet they are not held to any professional regulations or standards.

They are way too often dealing with issues they have NO qualifications to handle. Even with a D.Min. or D. Div. as your question to the presenter identified.

Shay said...

Parenting basics, as any elementary or middle school teacher will tell you, ARE an epiphany to far too many people. The spousal unit is currently spending an inordinate amount of time on skills that parents should teach (like responsibility, respect, organization, being on time, personal hygiene....)

Queers United said...

Wel GDad I gotta find my partner before I start worrying about adopting kids lol.

Bill said...