Thursday, December 18, 2008

Voice Response Question

Voice Response Units (VRUs) are ubiquitous these days. In fact, there is a popular web site dedicated to foiling these customer "service" devices. Irrespective of one's feelings on whether these are blessings or banes, there is one question that has bugged me for a while now.

It's become common practice for companies to advise their customers to "please listen to this entire message, as the menu options have recently changed." I've noticed that some companies seem to have this message for a very long time, or even permanently. Just how long should one keep up the "recently changed" message before people stop listening?


Anonymous said...

I've often wondered about this myself. Do they really think that we, the customer, have memorized the last one? I think they do this so that we listen to the whole thing instead of hitting * or # or 0 to get a human. My biggest pet peeve is with the ones that ask for you to tell them what you want rather than hitting a key on the phone. My house is not quiet and there is usually a child yelling in the background or a dog barking. It confuses the machine and I usually have to start all over unless they disconnect me.

Bill said...

Press 3 for your answer.