Sunday, December 21, 2008

Your're not Tolerating my Intolerance, You Bigot!

We attended yet another training class yesterday. GPop and I sat at a table at the front of the room. At the table behind us, there were two couples. Some of the classroom exercises required us to get into small groups and discuss some topic or another.

One of the topics was "Surprising Statistics Taken out of Context." GPop took the lead and mentioned the statistic that 89% of teens use the Intarwebs. I would have thought the percentage was higher, but maybe I'm not accounting for the Amish.

The woman in the older couple rambled something to the effect of, "My foster kids hate me, because I have a little plug-in thing that keeps them off the internet when they download that music and filth onto MY hard drive. I raise these kids in a strong Christian home. Even if I weren't, I'd raise them the same way. I just unplug that thing, and that filth doesn't come into my computer. They get enough of that in the schools with the lesbians in the halls."

I made eye contact with GPop, but then the teacher spoke up and ended the exercise before either of us could respond. I don't think he heard the woman speaking, so his timing was simply coincidence. I'm a little upset at this woman's outrageous statement, but I'm sort of amused at the repeating meme of lesbian gangs terrorizing our country. Thanks, ignorant jack@$$3$.


Anonymous said...

I thought all men who are christian and heterosexual are perfectly fine with the notion of lesbian gangs terrorizing our country. In fact I think the statistic is 87% of men pray that the lesbian gangs will take over the country. said...

Oh Lesbian Gangs. Geez.

I thought straight men would like that.

Hey, no blogroll love? LOL

Steve at Green Dads said...

When we went through similar classes here, there was us the gay dad couple and two very out single lesbians becoming foster parents in the class. By the second class or so, at least two heterosexual couples dropped out.

What remained of the class were some decent people and the classes went well.

GDad said...


I apologize. I rarely look at my blogroll. You'll be on there in a moment.

Bill said...

Boy, you just reminded me of how grateful I am that I'm no longer in school.
Those packs of lesbians in elementary school were menacing, but they really got organized & threatening in high school. I hope that woman will consider home schooling her terrified children.