Friday, January 16, 2009

BSG Comes Back

It's bittersweet, but BSG is back for a few more episodes, and then it is gone. I've been sitting on this post for a while in the hope that I'll spontaneously gain enough artistic talent to illustrate the couplets in the style of Edward Gorey, but no such talent has emerged. Perhaps I need to wait for an eclipse.

A is for Adama, who leads them all through space.
B is for Baltar, who betrayed the human race.

C is for Cylons, that blur tech and life.
D is for Dualla, the put-upon wife.

E is for Earth, the end of their quest.
F is for Frak, at the censor's behest.

G is for Galactica, the old battered heap.
H is for Helo, with a baby to keep.

I is for Ionian, the cloud of unheard song.
J is for Jump, instant travel that goes long.

K is for Kobol, of days long gone by.
L is for Lampkin, in whose truth is a lie.

M is for Muffit, thank goodness it's gone.
N is for New Caprica, from which the humans are withdrawn.

O is for Opera House, the place of all the dreams.
P is for Pegasus, where Gina sits and screams.

Q is for Quorum, the body politic.
R is for Roslin, whose cancer makes her sick.

S is for Starbuck, who passed through death's door.
T is for Tyrol, who's one of the Four.

U is for Uniform, which is dapper and yet plain.
V is for Viper, the human fighter plane.

W is for Wireless, their word for radio.
X is for Xaviar, from the abominable show.

Y is for Yahren, that never was said.
Z is for Zarek, and all he misled.


pixnlil said...

Bravo! *clap clap clap* Well done, GDad! I'm also looking forward to the last half-season. =)

Queers United said...

Never watched it.

David said...

BSG has been one of the finest shows I have ever seen and I am sad that there won't be anymore. But I think that I would rather it end while it is riding high than to drag it out. Especially if they pull that let's-wait-a-year kind of crap in between seasons and half seasons.

Jonathan said...

so frakkin' excited!!!!!!

GDad said...


I watched it last night, and I'm really holding back so I don't go all fanboy here.