Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Conversational Detour

"Well, with four cats, you're halfway to crazy."


Anonymous said...

Wait...there's an eight-cat minimum for crazy?

GDad said...

No, but eight *guarantees* crazy.

It's like how you can get an extra bonus citation for your passenger not having a seat belt on in your car, but you can't be pulled over for just that. At least in Midwest State. I think.

pixnlil said...

So what does 4 cats, 3 dogs, 2 gerbils, and a bird get you?

Bill said...

What is Midwest State's position on unbelted cats?

M&M said...

Pix - it gets you one third of the way to a whole new version of the 12 Days of Christmas.

GDad said...


You win.

pixnlil said...

Four mewing cats,
Three yipping dogs,
Two chewing gerbies,
And a starling in a wire cage!