Saturday, January 3, 2009

During the Apocalypse

I had a dream the other night that woke me up. We were away from home when the apocalypse happened. You know the one I mean. Not Armageddon, but the one where afterwards, we live in a Mad Max/Blad Runner kind of world.

During the hubbub, I lost track of Son. As I frantically searched for him, I grew more and more agitated until the stress woke me up. I had to go to the bathroom, but I checked in Son's room just to make sure he was still there.



Jen said...

I've been having these kinds of dreams since my son was born. I think it's just part of parenthood. according to my mother and grandmother it never goes away. My 96 year old grandmother also told me that she still had the dream where it was exam time and she hadn't been to class all semester.

Bill said...

Gosh, it's like that scene in the War of the Worlds re-make when wee Dakota Fanning gets separated from wee Tom Cruise.

Tim and Louie said...

Even worse than the apocalypse is the "shopocalypse"!

Of which I believe that we are now up to our eyeballs deep into it!

More about the shopocalypse here: