Sunday, January 25, 2009

Two Eyes in a Row


We took Son skiing for his first time yesterday. GPop's parents live about a mile and a half from a ski place. I'd say "resort," but that has some connotations that didn't seem really to apply in this case. Those connotations include, in my mind, a distinct lack of children under four feet tall, and at least one fireplace.

GPop and I went skiing once about 12 years ago, and before that, the last time I'd skied was in high school, which, as you may recall was just over 20 years ago. That being said, I found that two minutes on skis, after five minutes of swearing under my breath at the boots and bindings, I was able to get around just as easily as I had in high school, except that hauling my @$$ up that rope pull thingie was a lot easier 50 or more pounds ago.

We bought packages that included equipment, four hours of ski time and an hour of lessons for Son. GPop and I went up to the top of the medium hill, came down, then went up to the highest hill, which was marked as a black diamond. I suspect that ski resorts would have the bunny hills that looked like this particular black diamond, but it was fun, nonetheless.

I've recently grown a bushy beard, and my breath was freezing on the hair. That was really strange. Also strange was this newfangled snowboard thing. Snowboarders do not look as graceful as skiers, but that just may be the old fuddy-duddy in me speaking. They seem to spend a lot of time sitting.

Son finished his lessons, and then we spent another hour and a half skiing around on the smaller hills with Son. GPop and I went up the big hill one at a time and the other of us stayed at the bottom with Son to watch. Prior to arriving, Son asked if we would let him ski on the black diamond hill when he learned how to ski so quickly and so well that he could display his Mad Skilz within a couple of hours of donning skis. After his lessons, he decided he'd stick to the green circle hill for now.

Now Son wants to ski all the time. While I didn't fall, I'm not sure if I could take this more than once a week. Nor, I think, would my wallet.


Bill said...

You be such good dads!

Steven (Green Dads) said...

I haven't been skiing in many years. It might be time to go and take my son, he'll love it.