Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Two Hour Delay

Our state allows a certain number of calamity days (snow days, but could also be used for tornadoes, floods, the Rapture, etc.). If the schools use more than the allotted number, then they have to make up the time later in the school year, even into (GASP!) the summer vacation.

So, the concept of the two-hour delay was invented. Schools use this pretty regularly when there is visible snow somewhere in the county. The two-hour delay doesn't count as a calamity day, because school does actually occur that day, but the students miss the first two or three classes of the day. Apparently, Son is less in need of Social Studies and Algebra than Gym and Lunch.

Yesterday, our school district was the only one in the county that had a two-hour delay. There was about a half inch of snow on the ground. I'm guessing the administration thought the roads would be worse than they were.

This morning, I checked a few minutes after 6:00 to see if there was a delay posted on the web. The web site told me that all delays would be posted by 6:00. There was not. However, when I left the house a few minutes later, the snow started coming down pretty heavily. The flurries hit right in the morning school bus window.

Two lessons...

  1. Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody ever does anything about it.*
  2. Predicting the weather is hard.

*Except for global warming, but I don't think that's intentional..


Bill said...

Weather can be beautiful, but it won't.

hwqe said...

You need to get metal plates in your jaw and ankle so that when you ache you know there is a change in the weather. Also some horses. If the horses want to stay in the barn, expect 2 hour delay.

This is how people at my work predict the weather

GDad said...


I know you have high tech where you work, but it sounds like the people where you work would be comfortable building robots out of twigs and leaves. And then they'd complain about how twigs and leaves thirty years ago were so much better than these crappy ones we have today.

Jen said...

Now I understand the two hour delay. Thank you. It never made any sense to me except to mess up the parents day.

We have had record breaking cold for the last three days. -22 when I woke up this morning. I watched the news to see hundreds of school closings not just delays. Did St. Paul or Minneapolis close? No, they didn't even delay the first few hours which today would have been nice since we couldn't get the car going for the second day in a row. I had to take a bunch of extra kids this morning so that meant we needed to empty out the back of the truck. I don't know where these extra kids came from but it was cold so I wasn't going to make them walk. I probably should have asked them what school they went to.