Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Mega Corporation One prides itself in its community involvement both as a corporate donor and as a vehicle to exhort employees to volunteer for causes close to them. This year, I opted to mentor a child in a local school during lunch one day each week. We were told that we could Make A Difference, and that it would be Fun.

My mentee was a bit of a mystery, though. He is a tall, athletic eighth grader. He's a first generation immigrant, so he has a bit of an accent, but that's not a reason to want or need a mentor. He's in the gifted program. His family seems to be stable. The kid even has some money making things going on on the side, like selling magazines or whatever to earn prizes.

Finally, I asked him why he joined the program. He told me, "Because kids in the mentoring program get to go first in the lunch line on mentoring day."

I like this kid.


Bill said...

With that attitude, he will go far in our society.

Jonathan said...

HAH! My word verification is "plato."


Anonymous said...

Little dude has a bright future in politics.

gay CME guy said...

This made my day!