Monday, February 16, 2009

Slip of the Tongue

We drove Son's Older Brother back to Smaller City on Saturday to visit his GF for Valentine's Day. On the way, we noticed ten (I counted on the way back.) dead skunks on the road in a 40-mile drive.

After the first few, I postulated that it must be skunk mating season, and that the frisky skunks were more active and less careful. Son's Older Brother made a remark about Pepe Le Pew.

Then he said that Foda was a big outdoorsman. "I'll ask Foda if it is skank mating season."

I replied, "Always."




Anonymous said...

It's ALWAYS skank mating season.

Follow the scents of aqua-net, wet-n-wild make-up and drugstore perfume. You will here the oft-repeated mating call of, "Like, omigawd! Seriously?"

Bill said...

Good one.

Have you noticed that tongue is a challenging word for a few bloggers? Some folks have slips of the tounge.

GDad said...

And rogue vs. rouge.

gay CME guy said...

With my lysdexia, I can cast no stones on the letter inversions.

But, that was a great retort--or in that case, was it a re-tart?

GDad said...

Re-tart. Heh.