Saturday, February 7, 2009


I just had an inspiration. If we genetically engineer Canada geese to survive exclusively on a diet of cigarette butts, we could solve a number of problems. Two, to be precise.


Jonathan said...

i would hate to see the waste they might create.


Shay said...

Years ago when I worked in an office park next to an ornamental lake I started to compose a song about one of these problems (so I could sing it to our chief physical plant guy). It was to the tune of "Little Deuce Coupe" by the Beach Boys, but I only got as far as the refrain.

"It's a little goose poop~
You don't know where they plop!"

GDad said...

Their waste is lavender-scented potpourri (poopery).

Hoji said...

There's an angry pooper joke there, I just can't find it.

Bill said...

Well, two is a number. Can't argue with that.